Offered Solutions

Mobile Device Processing

Using specialized software and hardware CellPhoneDetectives will collect, analyze and document the requested data per the customers request and required format.

Data recoverable could include but is never just limited to:

Social Media | App Data | Documents | Contacts | SMS | MMS | Images | Videos | Audio | Call Logs | Calendars | Notes

CellPhoneDetectives specialize in the analysis of application data from Android and iOS smart devices. These devices hold a considerable amount of information that can be collected and preserved. Information may include GPS locations, sites visited, communication trends, images shared and saved, tweets posted, friends favorited and much more.

Case Verification

We are aware that there are other companies that perform collections and analysis on mobile devices. We are also aware that the verification of the collected ESI is just as important as the initial collection. CellPhoneDetectives can analyze data collected by other examiners without the need to perform the ESI collection again. Using our specialized tools we can import and analyze data stored in many different formats produced by the various software solutions in the mobile device forensic market. With this valuable service we can confirm whether data reported by the initial examination existed as reported and in some instances even report on additional information missed during the initial evaluation.


With the understanding that today's electronic environment is rapidly changing we can speak to your company on their policies for mobile device collections, employee usage and bringing their own devices into the company network.