Millions of people everyday rely on mobile devices for not only personal use but also for their professional lives. Mobile device technology continues to advance and has quickly evolved from making a simple voice call and sending/ receiving text messages to now conducting banking transactions, sending documents and social media. The mobile device has become the electronic lifeline for over 6 billion users globally. These devices contain relevant and valuable electronically stored information and the retrieval of this data is paramount for any investigation in today's digital world.

Discoverable Data ? Really?

* 6.8 billion global mobile subscriptions , 1 billion are smart devices

* 50% of American mobile device users have smart devices

* 91% of Americans have cellphones and 81% take their personal device to their workplaces

* 66% of companies without a BYOD policy per employees

* 42% increase in the number of smartphone users per year globally


Mobile devices will contain a vast amount of data that can be retrieved and subsequently used to assist in any investigation. Using forensically sound tools and more importantly techniques, our examiners will process, analyze and prepare the data for legal review.

We know that we are not the only company conducting collections on mobile devices. We also offer a service to analyze and verify collections conducted by another forensic expert or company.


All digital investigations are conducted and completed in a professional, expedient and confidential matter in full compliance with federal, state and local laws. Our examiners are pioneers in the industry and have conducted hundreds of mobile forensic investigations around the world. Today, mobile forensics is not only a need in literally every case, it has become a necessity. CellPhoneDetectives is here to fill that need.

What is the industry saying about mobile device ESI ?

The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise was identified as the top tech trend, but at the same time was also named as the trend that organizations are least prepared to handle
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