CPD PortScrubber

Supported systems include: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 both 32 and 64 bit systems.

We no longer offer trial versions of the software simply because a few individuals were inconsiderate of the rules of a trial. Please be fair, and purchase the product if it is useful to you or your customers.

Simply and effectively list all inactive COM devices and ports on a Windows System.

We were processing mobile devices and grew tired of either software not recognizing the correct COM port or devices not connecting to the Windows computer. This can be caused by COM port confusion and sometimes a software limitation. When ports and drivers are references after being plugged in and recognized in a Windows system the registry is then changed to indicate this addition. Unfortunately, these ports are not reclaimed and the port number will continue to grow, with massive amounts of registry information.

So, we developed a tool to enumerate all of the inactive or non present devices in a Windows system and call it the CPD PortScrubber. This tool has been around for over 6 years, but has since been re-engineered to handle the newest Windows systems.

The main function of this utility is to allocate and delete the unused COM ports on a Windows system. This in turn will allow the new COM ports to be recognized and assigned, keeping the Windows system's driver confusion to a minimum. This does not delete the driver from the system, so when the device is plugged in a driver is still available if previously insalled.

The CPD PortScrubber is not just for forensic examiners, but anyone using a Windows computer. This tool can help to clean up all of the unused ports so when you plug in a new device it will again be recognized, the drivers loaded and best of all -will not create another reference to the same device.

Multiple CodeMeter instances are found and all selected for "Scrubbing" removing them from the system.

Multiple CodeMeter instances now indicate their removal from the system.