SQLQuery Builder

Easy to user user interface with instant access to table and row information

Table relationships can easily be made using a simple drag and drop. Drag one table row to another table row and SQLQuery Builder shows the relationship. The relationships can be unlimited and SQLQuery Builder's built in logic will only allow relationships to be made with like data, helping the user along the way. Now, customized queries can be built against any SQLite database allowing instance access to evidence without the need for a deep knowledge of SQL queries.

Drag and drop to create relationships is easy with SQLQuery Builder

Creating a SQL query is easy with SQLQuery Builder. Double click on each table row you want to extract in the expanded database view and each row will autofill into the SQLQuery Builder view. Each can then have their data type assigned if needed to allow for the different date and time formats, string formats and even durations of the various mobile phone SQLite databases. As the data type is changed the SQLQuery window immediatly displays the formatting conditions for the data type within the SQLQuery window as it is automatically built. This view also allows for custom modifications to the SQL statement. This will allow the user to update, modify and change the SQL commands when needed to format the statement in just the right way.

Once the query is completed to the satisfaction of the user, the query can be executed on the SQLite database and the results are then viewable in the SQLQuery DataView window. The built query can be saved for later import if needed at any time during the process. From the SQLQuery Builder DataView window the results can be saved to PDF, printed and even exported into Microsoft Word or Excel.

Using the SQLQuery Builder will help to uncover information from SQLite databases that other tools either miss, incorrectly format or just do not support. Having the SQLQuery Builder in your mobile forensic toolbox is a necessity.

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Current Version: 1.0.6104

SHA1: 9A7ED77475356E5ECA8D7385142CF70B73633145
MD5: E057FCF0DCE22A4C04D22B7EE9B057A0